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Public Resources

The following resources are primarily external and their presence does not imply any involvement by Global Skye Consulting in their development.  However, all resources shared here have been reviewed and are recommended for a wide range of contexts. Happy Browsing!

Protecting Women and Girls during COVID-19:  a blog on the gendered impacts and risk of GBV that is a secondary consequence of the pandemic. 
Considering the Gendered-Aspects of the COVID-19 Pandemic - a podcast a recorded conversation from Pathfinder International  
Breastfeeding and COVID-19 - FAQ:  A list of commonly asked questions and evidence-based responses from the WHO. 
GBV Community Service Provision during COVID-19:  a UNICEF technical brief on strategies for reaching survivors during times of mobility restriction
Adapting GBV Clinical Response Services to Maintain Care during COVID-19
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