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Global Skye Midwifery

Global Skye Midwifery is the clinical and wellness branch of our services.  Bridging the art and science of healing, community-based care, herbal wisdom, and midwifery, Rebecca provides individualized care for the communities of northeast Massachusetts and the Seacoast region of New Hampshire.  Rebecca has been attending births since 2005 and has been a certified professional midwife since 2008.  She provides a range of women's health and reproductive support services including herbal, allopathic, and intuitive care.  Rebecca is a member of the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance, a founding member of MA Chapter of the NACPM, and a New Hampshire Certified Midwife. 

Services are customized to the needs of each client.  Primary categories of service are:

  • Well-woman care, including annual exams, pap screening, treatment for candida and other microflora imbalances, and custom herbal formulations to support well-being.

  • Initial sexual and reproductive health care for adolescents, including sexual and menstrual health counseling and education, first pap screens, and pregnancy testing

  • Home-based care for early pregnancy termination

  • Counseling and custom herbal support for menstruation and menopause

  • Pre-conception counseling and  conception support

  • Custom herbal products for pregnancy, lactation support, and newborn care

  • Prenatal  care

  • Home birth care

  • Postpartum and post natal care for birther and baby

Please note that all services are provided in clients' homes.  Special arrangements may be possible if you are in need of safe, confidential space outside of where you live.  To schedule an appointment or to receive further information about community-based care, contact me. 

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